The X2 BMS Pro's innovative design makes it the most powerful and safest BMS available

  • Integrated backup battery (Starter or Bow Battery or Aux) – will utilize all type of chargers able to charge. The backup system has flashing LED alert when the system is bypassed by the backup relay.
  • X2 Tech, utilize charge relay as isolator between lithium and aux batteries – will manage high amps charging without losses.
  • Outputs to control alternator cooling. Control panel will alert in the event of hot alternator.
  • AFP output – the Alternator Field Pre-disconnect will pre-disconnect the charger/alternator before charge relay opens.
  • In-built pre-charge feature at 2 – 6 times higher current vs other systems.
  • Dual Low Voltage Protection will completely isolate the lithium battery. The standby current from the system is zero after the event of LVP – making X2 BMS the safest Low Voltage Protection available on the market.
  • IDA-balancing is able to balance the cells without absorption voltage by keeping detected unbalance in memory.
  • In-built Charge Management System (CMS) will detect when battery is fully charged and disconnect chargers (3 of 6 charge outputs have CMS).
  • In addition, X2 BMS Pro has the ability to operate as a Master / Slave configuration with two Cell Packs and two BMS’ integrated to one system. The Slave BMS will operate with different settings –  easily configured via a DIP switch.