About Us

We have great understanding of all the needs of yacht owners for a safe and reliable supply of electricity. Since 2016, we have developed lithium battery systems that meets all requirement for yachts.

About the founder

After many years working at a bank as a senior portfolio manager and head of a large equity portfolio for pension insurance, I looked for new challenges in starting my own business at the age of 50+. I started with doing a market analysis, forecasting that lead batteries as a house battery, will be completely replaced by lithium within 10 years. The analysis also showed that there currently aren’t any reliable systems in the market for yachts.  >>Link Comparison (editing in progress)

I have greatly benefited from having a degree in finance and electrical engineering as well as having an in depth knowledge of the requirements for battery systems in boats. I top off my knowledge and experience with a fighting spirit.

Growing up in Sweden I have sailed all my life and owned several types of boats. In 2009 I purchased my yacht Duplexity in the Mediterranean. Duplexity is equipped with large consumers (400 – 500 amps) and has served as a test bench in real conditions.

It has been an exciting journey to be involved in the development of a completely new battery system. After the launch in April 2020, we are now looking forward to selling X2 BMS in the global market.


When we first started testing external systems 2016 – 2017, two crucial events in particular instigated the development of a new Battery Management System (BMS) for yachts:

1. Blackout 

The most important things in yacht systems are reliability and never blackout.
All lithium systems (BMS) protect the battery, but this also means that they may be triggered incorrectly. When testing two separate BMS’, currently sold in the market, we were unfortunate to experience several blackouts.

Together with the BMS manufacturers we investigated into the issue trying figure out what may have caused the blackouts. We found out that the most likely reason for the blackout was due to the built-in current measurement via shunt, which is affected by complex systems in boats where there are a concurrent mix of charge and consumption varying in amps. In addition, the system can be affected by the EMI. This fact explains why X2 BMS has current measurement and SOC excluded, as well as CAN being excluded in communication with chargers and relays.

2. Low Voltage Protection

The most common cause of premature battery death is  the battery being discharged to LVP and the remaining capacity reserve continuing to drain until the battery is damaged.

This occurred to us with one of the tested systems when a new battery was completely destroyed due to the discharge continuing after LVP and the battery wasn’t isolated from chargers and other standby consumption.  >>Link LVP Failure (editing in progress)

Up until the recent launch of X2 BMS, there were no systems available on the market isolating the battery from chargers and other standby consumption in the event of Low Voltage Protection. For solar and EV systems, this is rarely a problem. For boats that often are left unattended for several weeks or months, this is however, a crucial feature needed to prevent battery death.

Developing the next generation of BMS

When we first started out, we sold many systems with external charge control that we had developed to avoid float charging. However, we experienced other disadvantages in these installations. For instance, using “isolater” to insulate the starter battery, but we also lacked output to control pre-disconnect of alternator, as well as pulse control of bi-stable relay. We also discovered that the pre-charge devices available on the market weren’t efficient enough for 12/24 V yacht systems.

In 2018 we started the development of a new BMS based on all the experience we had from installing systems in yachts. Our main objective was to develop a safe and reliable BMS designed for marine use.

We have spent more than 10,000 hours on R&D and testing the new system. The outcome is X2 BMS, a new generation of battery  systems which meets all requirements  for marine use.

We guarantee that the X2 BMS is the safest and most reliable battery system on the global market, including – never die in events of LVP and never blackout.

X2 BMS – when safety and reliability come first