Fact Sheet

X2 BMS 12/24

Overview of; Specification, basic Schematic and Data sheet (7 pages)

User Manual

X2 BMS 12/24

Specification, Operation, Monitoring, Protection, Charge Management, Cell balancing, Schematics and Data sheet (31 pages)

Comparison vs other

  • Why BMS and why X2 BMS?
  • Comparison versus other competitor systems

Appendix BMS

  • What are balanced cells? Charge voltage.
  • Why is cell monitoring not needed, but rather provides false reading?
  • Why is CAN not needed to control Victron Multi?
  • Why is CAN not needed to control charge current for 12V or 24 V?
  • Alternator and controllers.
  • Why is Balmar recommending AFD as the safest disconnection?
  • Will overheating of the Alternator be a problem?
  • Why is shunt not needed for X2 BMS?
  • Why is Pre-Charge important?
  • Starter or Aux battery of lead

Installation Guide

X2 BMS 12/24 and Cell Pack