X2 BMS Pro - 12 V

New 2024

X2 BMS Pro is the next generation BMS developed for yachts with safety and reliability first in mind. The Pro version is the ultimate battery management system with several new features.  X2 BMS Pro is in stock.

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X2 BMS 12/24

X2 BMS is developed for yachts and manage both lithium and lead batteries for 12 or 24 Volt.

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Lithium Cell Pack

Lithium cells of premium quality packed as one battery for optimized performance. Each individual cell is connected to X2 BMS for controlling. Capacity from 200 Ah /12V /24V /48V up to 1600 Ah. LiFePO4 chemistry.  Lithium Cell Pack >

Other products

  • Gigavac contactor 500+ A 12/24 V latching
  • Gigavac contactor 500+ A 48 V, non-latching
  • Kilovac contactor 12/24 V 500+ A
  • Victron BP220 (discounted sales)
  • Victron Isolator, Argofet and Argodiod (discounted sales)
  • Customized cable 35/50/70/95 mm2

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12 V Battery Block

Discounted Sales 40 – 70% OFF

Winston 40 Ah Price: SEK 1695 excl VAT (in stock)

Drop-in battery 150 Ah /13.2 V incl BMS, Price SEK 3900 excl VAT (in stock)

MasterLi BMS 48 V

Feature same advantage as X2 BMS 12/24 with hardware for connection of 48 V systems and 16 cells.

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MasterLi 48 V System Pack

Tailor made 48 V systems for propulsion and solar storage.

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