X2 BMS 12/24

X2 BMS is the master in the battery system. X2 BMS is developed for yachts and manage both lithium and lead batteries for 12 or 24 Volt.  X2 BMS 12/24 >

Lithium Cell Pack

Lithium cells of premium quality packed as one battery for optimized performance. Each individual cell is connected to X2 BMS for controlling. Capacity from 200 Ah /12V /24V /48V up to 1600 Ah. LiFePO4 chemistry.  Lithium Cell Pack >


BMS Kit includes: X2 BMS 12/24, Fuse boxes -wired for 12 or 24 V, BMS Control and cable, 2 pcs relays and bus-connection, pre-charge resistor. Optionals are tap wires to connect cells, main fuse and busbar, 500 A.   BMS Kit >

Battery System Pack

Includes BMS Kit and Cell Pack.  Battery System Pack >

Other products

Gigavac relay 500+ A 12/24 V latching and non-latching, 48 V
Victron BP220 (sale)
Victron Isolator (sale)
Victron BMV 712
Philippi, full sortiment at order
Customized cable 35/50/70/95 mm2

Other Products >

12 V Battery Block

Winston 40 Ah (sale 30%)
Winston 60 Ah (sale 30%)
Drop-in Battery 100 Ah / 150 Ah (sale 30%)

12 V Battery Block >

MasterLi BMS 48 V

Feature same advantage as X2 BMS 12/24 with hardware for connection of 48 V systems and 16 cells.

MasterLi BMS 48 >

MasterLi 48 V System Pack

Tailor made 48 V systems for propulsion and solar storage.

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