X2 BMS - When safety and reliability come first

X2 BMS Pro

The Next Generation BMS

NEW 2024

X2 BMS Pro is the next generation BMS developed for yachts or other applications with high requirements for a safe and reliable battery system. The Pro version is the ultimate Battery Management System with several new features.

X2 BMS Benefits

Extends the lifespan of the lithium battery

Excellent design since 2016

+      X2’s Charge Management System (CMS) disconnects charging when lithium is fully charged and will reconnect when required. Gentle charging by avoiding absorb and float charge will extend the life of the lithium battery. CMS was invented by Batterybalance 2017.

+      X2 BMS is the first BMS on the market able to perform balancing without absorb charging. The balancing is performed by the advanced Intelligent Dynamic balancing Algorithm, IDATM. The IDA balancing was invented 2021 and will keep large cells balanced.

+      Backup system supports Long-term Shore Power mode when the BMS/lithium is switched off. LSP mode was invented by Batterybalance.


Outstanding redundancy and safety

When safety and reliability come first

+      Pre-Alarms with flashing LEDs / Buzzer prior to any trigger that will protect and shut down the battery. LED alerts flash brightly and the buzzer is dual with openings in the front that provide high-yield alarm (2x 92 dB). X2 BMS makes it safe to utilize approximately 92% of the lithium battery’s true capacity without risking blackout.

+      X2 BMS Pro is the first BMS on the market that has a fully integrated backup system and works for all fault conditions with power supply from all the chargers in the system. The BMS has input terminal for the backup relay and will alert when the system is bypassed.

+      ON and OFF controls are in different places for safety reasons.

+      Safest BMS in the event of low voltage protection and no recharge for several months. It’s the first BMS on the market that has zero standby current after the event of LVP.

+      Dual low voltage protection at different levels. 

+      Pre-charge is built-in to protect the load relay (both relays are protected).


Protects the alternator

Unique feature

+      X2 BMS Pro is the first BMS on the market monitoring alternator(s) temperature and is able to control and regulate the alternator’s cooling. Monitoring includes alarm in the event of the alternator temperature is above set temperature.

+      Makes the system energy efficient without any isolator or DC/DC.

+      Alternator Field Pre-disconnect output (AFP). It’s the first BMS on the market with adopted output AFP, that will safely pre-disconnect the alternator for all conditions including battery temperature limits. AFP is adapted for the backup system and will continue to supply power to the backup after the event of pre-disconnect.


Supports a wide range of chargers and relays

Limited upgrade requirements

+      X2 TechTM - manage Starter/Aux Battery integrated in the system

+      Manages all types of different chargers by dedicated outputs

+      Manage bi-stable load relay by dedicated outputs

+      Adaptation for Combi-chargers as Victron Multi / Quattro and Mastervolt CombiMaster

+      Makes the system cost effective with limited requirements of upgrades.

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