X2 BMS 12/24 Fact Sheet

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3 thoughts on “X2 BMS 12/24 Fact Sheet”

  1. Hi,
    I’m very intrigued by your X2 BMS, mostly because it is specific to marine use, compatible with Victron, has more safety features than most, and employs relays rather than a DC-DC charger from starter battery to house bank. In determining if it’s suitable for my system, I’m hoping you could advise me on the below:

    I’m making a LiFePO4 460AH house bank with CALB cells on my sailboat. My Victron MultiPlus is 2000W and surges to 3500W.
    Prior to learning about your BMS, I was intending to make 2 4S Batteries at 230AH, each with their own 200A BMS. This would manage any surges on the Victron Multiplus with some buffer for other DC load and efficiency loss.

    For your X2 BMS, I don’t see any Amp rating and am curious to know a) Why that is, and b) If it would be able to handle the required load?
    I assume this is related to the X2 BMS not being on the battery’s Neg terminal and that charging/discharge therefore do not go directly through the BMS, is this accurate?

    In any case, I’m very interested in your BMS solution and would like to learn more about how I might be able to make it work with my system.
    Thank you,

    Brendan Harris

  2. Hello, I’m currently looking at installing some lithium alongside my existing 12v Lead Acid Battery system which consists of 2, 12v starter batteries in parallel and 4, 6v in series-parallel. I will be upgrading my 200 watts of solar to something comparable to my final battery storage. Your X2 BMS that I first saw on RAN Sailing looks like something that I would like to incorporate into my eventual system. This will be my first attempt at it any suggestions would be welcomed!
    thank you!
    Lynn Burchfield

  3. Frederick Gleason

    I am interested in the X2 BMS. Is it ISO and ABYC compliant? It appears that joining the LFP and FLA start battery is an effective solution to protect the alternator, but may not be compliant with ABYC. I am looking for a simple BMS system that works with Balmar External Regulators MC614 or MC618 or Wakespeed WS500 and good Winston or Calb (12vdc) 280ah-300ah. Compatibility with Victron Equipment like the CerboGX would be good.

    Since you do not have Canbus, how does the Wakespeed WS500 communicate with the BMS so that it is shutdown before a high cell voltage, overtemp, or overcharge event. I assume that the alternator is protected anyway, due to the FLA start being in the circuit, is that correct? I understand that you prefer a separate charge bus and load bus.

    We have a small 32′ Sloop with very little space inside for LFP and equipment. Since the new LFP should not be located in the port cockpit locker next to the engine, we will have to devote a settee drawer to the batteries, under the seat cushion. We currently have (2) 50w Sunpower on the dodger and have plans for (2)100w light rigid solar panels where the bimini is normally. We may be able to make a slide out frame to add (2)100w more when anchored.

    I would be very interested in your response. I may take the time to develop an electrical diagram with the X2-BMS for our boat and would appreciate your review.

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